Activists on social media expressed their fear that Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, a prominent party dissident and former presidential candidate, is facing the same fate as Mohamed Morsi, the first civilian president.

Ahmed, the son of Abu Al-Fotouh, revealed that his father had suffered a heart attack that nearly killed him.

The son of Abu Al-Fotouh confirmed that the continual refusal of security services to release his father and denying him of any medical examinations, and insisting on violating the law by depriving him of his rights as an administrative detainee, and confining him to solitary detention, is deliberate slow murder.

“Physical torture through neglecting his health; psychological torture; brutality and solitary confinement; and depriving him of his most basic rights are punishable by law and the constitution,” he said.

This comes after the announcement of the death of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi during his trial, which his family confirm is due to his medical negligence and solitary confinement for six years.

Egyptian authorities had arrested Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh in February 2018 and charged him with contacting the international organisation of the Muslim Brotherhood to carry out a scheme aimed at causing confusion and instability in the country, in parallel with carrying out acts of sabotage against vital installations via armed groups to create chaos. He has received no attention to his health during the past year and a half of his imprisonment.