Al-Qaradawi’s granddaughter demands the release of her parents

July 2, 2019

Aya, daughter of Ola al-Qaradawi and granddaughter of Islamic preacher Yusuf al-Qaradawi, former president of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, has demanded the release of her mother and father Hossam Khalaf after two years in prison in Egypt.

Al-Qaradawi’s granddaughter confirmed in a video posted on Facebook that her parents had been held for two years in pre-trial detention “without any charges or evidence of their guilt.”

Aya said her mother “was held incommunicado for two years without contact with anyone, and spent her 58th birthday in a cell isolated from the world.”

She stressed that her mother “did not have any political role, and all that her parents asked for was to live in peace with their children and grandchildren.”

Aya appealed to the Egyptian government to “abide by the law and release” her parents at the next trial session on Wednesday, after two years in prison.

Under Egyptian law pre-trial detention traditionally did not exceed two years, but a presidential decree issued in 2013 gives the right to renew pre-trial detention for 45 days, an amendment which sparked widespread criticism.

On June 30 2017 the Egyptian authorities arrested Ola and her husband, accusing them of belonging to a group established contrary to the law (referring to the Muslim Brotherhood) and planning to carry out terrorist attacks targeting security and state institutions.