July 4, 2019

Spokesman of the General Bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood, Abbas Qabari, has talked to the website Arab 21 about the strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood in the coming period after the death of former President Mohamed Morsi.

Qabari said that the Brotherhood will not submit candidates for the elections again, or compete for power after the military coup, and will instead work towards serving the nation.

“We should be supportive of all parties and national figures that intersect with our vision of the renaissance of the Ummah and the homeland. We will therefore exercise our natural political role in expressing our opinion on the various issues of the Ummah.” 

“We will exert political pressure on various issues that we believe contribute to the nation’s renaissance, against issues or decisions that we see as returning the nation to tyranny or destroying the nation-building project.”

The spokesman for the General Office of the Muslim Brotherhood refused to consider the strategy of the new group as a retreat or a step backwards.