Egypt Watch

Egypt parliament approves legislation to sell citizenship to foreigners

July 8, 2019

The Egyptian parliament has approved a draft law submitted by the government to amend provisions of Law No. (89) of 1960 regarding the entry, exit and residence of foreigners in the lands of the Arab Republic of Egypt and Law No. (26) of 1975 on Egyptian nationality.

According to the law, the Prime Minister may grant Egyptian nationality to any foreigner that has bought state owned property or established an investment project in accordance with Investment Law, or deposited money in a foreign currency into the State Treasury special account of the Central Bank.

A group of Egyptian deputies submitted a petition to the speaker of the House of Representatives expressing their rejection of the law, which grants Egyptian nationality in exchange for a sum of money.

The text of the petition addressed to the speaker, Ali Abdel Aal, said: “We refuse to sell Egyptian nationality under any name and register our rejection of the law and the amendments.”

In June the Committee on Defence and National Security of the House of Representatives denied granting Egyptian nationality to foreign investors for $10,000.