Egypt Watch

Egypt authorities arrest new member of “Alliance of Hope”

July 16, 2019

The Supreme State Security Prosecution decided on Sunday to include the accountant Alaa Essam, an accounting expert at the Egyptian Forum for Labour Relations, to the accused in case no. 930 for the year 2019, known as the “Alliance of Hope.”

According to the UNHCR, Essam was arrested on Wednesday evening by security forces for his work with the forum run by Hassan Barbari, one of the defendants in the case. He was charged with involvement with a terrorist group and misusing his account on social networking sites and publishing false news.

On June 25 the Ministry of the Interior arrested a number of activists and journalists, including former lawyer and MP Ziad al-Alimi, the executive director of Multiples Group Omar al-Shaniti, and journalists Hossam Mounis and Hisham Fouad for “their financial cooperation with the Muslim Brotherhood and moves to target and overthrow the state in conjunction with the anniversary of June 30, under the name of ‘Plan of Hope’.”