Egypt Watch

Human Rights report calls for international investigation into Morsi’s death


July 23, 2019

On Sunday the Al-Shehab Centre and Adalah issued a joint report on the death of Mohamed Morsi, the first elected civilian president in Egypt’s history.

The report described the events of Morsi’s death and the violations he suffered during his detention. It called for an international investigation into the death of Morsi, and the dispatch of an international medical team to Egypt to conduct further medical investigations, including the study of medical records.

The report stressed the need to organise a visit to prisons under the auspices of the International Red Cross in accordance with international standards to make the necessary checks on whether basic human rights are being met. It also called for the formation of a United Nations fact-finding committee and for the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights to examine prison conditions, torture, medical negligence and all human rights violations in Egypt.

The report also spoke about the most prominent cases and judicial decisions against Morsi; five judgments were recorded in five different cases. In the case of the “Federal Palace” events, he was sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment and to life imprisonment with hard labour in the case of telephone conversations with Qatar.

He was also sentenced to life imprisonment in the case of communicating with Hamas, and with execution in the prison escape case. On June 17, 2019, Morsi died during a court session.

The report confirmed that during his six years inside prison his family were allowed to visit him just three times. Before his death the late president complained publicly that he did not receive medical treatment, and said that he was under threat.