August 7, 2019

The Supreme State Security Prosecution on Monday arrested eight Egyptians who were deported from Kuwait several weeks ago for 15 days in connection with investigations into their alleged membership of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The prosecution has accused the men of several charges, most notably joining a terrorist group working to prevent state institutions from carrying out their work and disrupting the work of the constitution and the law.

On July 12 the Kuwaiti authorities announced the seizure of a “terrorist” cell. It said that they were fugitives and that its members had been sentenced in Egypt.

In a statement to the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry at the time it said that “a terrorist cell belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood organisation has been arrested and sentenced to 15 years by the Egyptian judiciary.”

The Muslim Brotherhood, in a statement, denied the validity of these accusations, accusing the Egyptian regime of “fabricating charges and issuing unjust judicial verdicts.”

The Brotherhood then called on Kuwait not to extradite them to the Egyptian authorities for fear of “injustice, persecution and inhumane treatment.”