August 22, 2019

The Administrative Control Authority arrested Ahmed Selim, Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation, from his office on Tuesday morning. The authority has charged him with bribery and profiteering by taking advantage of his power. He was brought to the investigation headquarters after his office was closed and his employees dismissed.

President of the Supreme Council Makram Mohamed Ahmed stated that the control authority informed him two months ago about suspicions relating to Selim concerning financial improprieties and receiving favours and bribery. Makram emphasised his respect for the law and for holding corrupt officials accountable. Makram added that he would invite the council members for an urgent meeting, which was set to take place yesterday, to review the implications of this situation and to choose a new secretary general for the council. 

Selim has been the secretary of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation since May 2017. The council is the authority which carries out the work that was previously handled by the Ministry of Information in Egypt. Selim held a number of positions in the Ministry of Information including CEO of the Radio and TV magazine, head of the central administration of planning and monitoring and the general supervision of publications and foreign press.

Selim’s arrest comes as part of an extended campaign by the Administrative Control Authority in Egypt to arrest officials who have been accused of corruption. Among the most prominent figures is the councilor Waleed Shalaby, Secretary General of The Supreme Judicial Council, President of the Customs Authority Gamal Abdul Azeem, and Salah Helal, the former Minister of Agriculture.