Egypt Watch

Reporters Without Borders: Egypt authorities arrest six journalists

On Sunday, Reporters Without Borders (RWB) confirmed that the Egyptian authorities have arrested at least six Egyptian journalists so far since the beginning of the demonstrations called for by the actor and businessman Mohamed Ali on September 20.

The BBC, Al-Hurra and Facebook Messenger were all blocked in Egypt.

In response to the BBC, the head of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation Makram Mohamed Ahmed said that this censorship is due to “the publication of inaccurate news.”

Sabreen al-Nawi, Middle East correspondent for RWB, called on the Egyptian government to “stop muzzling the media and allow journalists to do their job.”

“This new wave of arrests shows once again the blackout of the current regime, which is constantly violating citizens’ right to information,” said al-Nawi.

Egypt is ranked 163rd (out of 180 countries) on the World Press Freedom Index published by RWB earlier this year.

On September 20-21 Egyptians protested in Cairo and several Egyptian governorates demanding the departure of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

The Egyptian Centre for Economic and Social Rights estimates authorities have arrested over 2,000 people.