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Exclusive: EgyptWatch to host Mohamed Ali in London

Egypt Watch is hosting former Egyptian army contractor Mohamed Ali on his first visit outside Spain. It is a privilege to announce that we are organising an international press conference for Ali in London this week to announce his future plans.

Egypt Watch are also offering interviews around this date with British and global media platforms.

Mohamed Ali caused an internet storm in early September after revealing he was contracted to build a presidential palace in Alexandria for a cost of EGP 250 million with additional renovations worth EGP 25 million requested by his wife.

Ali accused the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces of assigning projects by direct order then forcing companies to begin working on them on the basis they are carrying out a service for their country.

Many of these projects failed, such as the new administrative capital and the Suez Canal, the revenues of which did not even cover the cost of the opening ceremony. 

The revelations came as Egyptians reeled from a series of austerity measures being rolled out across the country under the terms of a 2016 IMF loan, which has seen fuel and electricity prices soar, without being offset by salary increases.

Egypt’s Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics has said the poverty rate in the country has reached 32.5 per cent, though observers say it’s likely to be much higher.   

“You are an oppressor and a failure,” Ali said in one of his videos, addressing the general turned president al-Sisi. “The people are starving.”

Thousands of Egyptians responded to his call to demonstrate across the country.

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