January 2, 2020

Lawyer Gamal Eid, head of the Arab Network for Human Rights
Information, has said he holds the Minister of Interior Mahmoud
Tawfik responsible for the assault he suffered on Sunday.
Gamal Eid was attacked by people in cars without number plates. Eid
said 12 people beat him after they threw him in the ground, threw paint
over him and then photographed him. Eid described the attackers as
gangs managed by the security forces, and published a picture of his
face stained with paint on Facebook.
Eid’s lawyer filed a report to the Attorney General about the assault and
gave the description of a state security officer whom he accused of
participating in the attack.
Gamal Eid is an Egyptian human rights activist and a leading lawyer
who is currently the executive director of the Arab Human Rights
Information Network, the most prominent organisation concerned with
defending freedom of opinion, belief and expression in the Arab world.
Eid was detained on several occasions and confirmed that he was
tortured by security officials.