January 1, 2020

The Supreme State Security Prosecution (SSSP) has added former
parliamentarian Ziad al-Alimi to a new case, No. 43 of 2017, while he is
already imprisoned.
The prosecution charged al-Alimi with publishing false news and
participation in a terrorist group.
Since June 2019, al-Alimi has been imprisoned in case No. 930 of 2019,
known as the Alliance of Hope, and was accused of forming a secret
alliance and providing financial support to the Muslim Brotherhood.
Al-Alimi is a former MP, a co-founder of the Egyptian Social Democratic
Party, and worked at the executive office of the Revolutionary Youth
Lawyer Khaled Ali, who attended his investigation, said that the new
case was submitted by an unknown person who accused al-Alimi of
criticising the International Youth Conference held by al-Sisi in Sharm
el-Sheikh on TV, and insulting al-Sisi by saying that the participants
were paid to participate.
Egyptian authorities regularly fabricate charges and cases against
dissident activists and politicians to keep them in prison.