Egypt Watch

Human rights report: Justice in Egypt declined in 2019

A report by the Arab Information Network in Egypt stated that the
nature and numbers of judicial decisions issued in 2019 reveal a decline
in justice in the country.
The “2019 Harvest in the Judiciary” report monitored the numbers of
cases, hearings, and military trials
The report issued, documented and examined 208 cases during the past
year, with 773 court hearings and 558 investigation hearings, 1,019 of
which were in terrorism and extraordinary courts, and 168 military
court hearings for civilians.
The report also monitored 403 prison renewal decisions, 43 continued
detention measures, 18 aggravated prison terms, 17 acquittal decisions
after aggravated imprisonment, and three death sentences after
aggravated imprisonment.
In turn, the Cairo Centre for Human Rights in its annual report on
Egypt during 2019, revealed that the Egyptian judiciary continued to
excessively issue death sentences, and some of them were implemented
in cases where accusations hinged on suspicions and appeared to be
Although there is strong evidence that the security services tortured and
forced them to confess, some of these rulings were issued by military