The National Council for Women filed a complaint to Google to stop
broadcasting the song currently circulating on social media sites entitled
“Salmonella” by singer Tameem Youness.
The council pointed out that it carries a message that insults women and
undermines their rights and incites bullying and violence against
In a statement the council said the song “contains expressions and
words outside public morals and establishes the crime of insulting and
slandering through electronic communication sites, according to the
Penal Code and Law No. 175 of 2018 regarding combating information
technology crime.”
The song sparked widespread controversy on social media. While some
praised the sense of humour and creativity in the song, others saw it as
inciting violence.
In the song Tameem Youness gives a woman the choice between saying
“yes” to his advances and she will live a good life with him, or that she
says “no” and she will be harassed by him.