Egypt Watch

Egypt's cotton exports drop 17%

The volume of exported cotton declined during the first three months of
this season by about 17 per cent compared to the same period last
season, according to Azza Rashwan, President of the Cotton Exporters
Rashwan said that the volume of contracts during the current period is
44,000 tons of cotton, compared to 53,000 tons during the same period
last year, although the total cotton exported last season reached about
88,000 tons, compared to about 55,000 tons the previous season.
Rashwan said that the volume of exported Egyptian cotton declined
during the current season compared to the previous season, as a result
of the reduction in the cultivated area this year, in addition to the
decrease in the productivity of the crop.
The cultivated area with cotton in Lower Egypt last season amounted to
120,000 acres, but this area has shrunk this season to 40,000 acres,
after the Ministry of Agriculture refused to purchase the accumulated
cotton crop from previous seasons for local consumption.