The Secretary of the Egyptian Medicines Syndicate Mohamed Abdel Hamid has said that the number of
doctors resigning from the Ministry of Health because of administrative abuse is increasing.
Abdel Hamid said that the number of doctors who resigned from the ministry in 2019 was 3,507
compared to only 2,600 in 2018.
Abdel Hamid added that the accident of the female doctors who were obligated to travel in unsafe
conditions occurs every day and every year, but there is no reaction to it.
Doctors who refuse to execute the orders of the Ministry of Health are punished with sanctions including
suspension without consideration for the doctor’s circumstances.
The doctors’ syndicate declared its intention to file a civil lawsuit against the Ministry of Health to
compensate the relatives of the female doctors who were killed whilst travelling from Minya to Cairo to
receive training.
The syndicate also declared it was submitting a report to the Attorney General and the Administrative
Prosecution to open a criminal investigation into the people who issued administrative decisions that led
to the death of four female doctors and the injury of 17 others.
Letters from female medical workers before their death trying to persuade officials in the Ministry of
Health to conduct training in Minya Governorate have circulated on social media.
The Ministry of Health has not taken any action to refer the two officials responsible for the catastrophe
to be investigated.