The Supreme State Security Prosecution has put Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, the prominent Egyptian
dissident politician, on a new case, No. 1781 of 2019.
Fotouh, founder of the Strong Egypt Party, has been in pre-trial detention since mid-February 2018 on
case No. 440 for publishing false news and leading a banned group. Many political activists wrote about
the deterioration of his health in prison.
Lawyer Khaled Ali said on Facebook that after two weeks Fotouh will have completed two years in pre-
trial detention, which should mean his immediate release, according to the law, as the maximum period
on remand is two years.
Khaled Ali said that the new charges against Fotouh are leading a terror group and financing it. Fotouh
didn’t answer questions about the new case and neither did he sign the prosecution’s report.
The Court of Cassation decided, on Saturday, to accept Fotouh’s appeal and that of his son and six others
against the criminal court’s decision to list them on the terror lists.