The official website of Egypt’s Ministry of Health has been attacked by Iranian hackers.
The hackers were able to control the home page of the site, and published a picture of the Iranian flag,
accompanied by another of a man wearing Vanitas’ mask with the message: “We are close to you, we
know your identity, and your information belongs to us. Be careful.”
The ministry’s website was hacked by the group Bax 026 of Iran.
The Ministry’s website is still not working, despite the fact that the ministry said it is using technical
experts to restore it or delete it altogether if the recovery process fails
On Sunday MP Mayssa Atwa asked the Prime Minister about the measures being taken to protect
government websites from breaches or hacking.
Atwa said the hacking constitutes a serious threat to all ministry and government websites, and warns of
the danger of hacking websites which will affect Egyptian national security
Last year, Turkish hackers hacked Al-Ahram newspaper and published a picture of former President
Mohamed Morsi after his death, which prompted the administration to shut it down.