The Official Gazette has published the prime minister’s decision no. 418 of 2020 to issue the executive regulations of the supreme media council law relating to the regulation of the press and media. The Supreme Media Council called on all press and media institutions and websites to quickly settle their legal status within six months of the implementation of the regulations. One of the most important points mentioned in the executive regulations is that newspapers are obliged to print their publications in licensed printers in Egypt, and register with the Supreme Council. With regard to websites, the regulation stipulated that there must be a copy of the servers hosting the site inside Egypt, that it to be known to the council and that it can only be changed with the council’s approval.

The regulation also stressed that it is not permissible to transfer any media content inside Egypt to a media outlet or a website operating from outside the republic unless it obtains a license to do so from the Supreme Council. The regulation also states that it is not permissible to record or photograph any meetings in public places for the purpose of presenting them to the media except after a statement from the Supreme Council is issued. The council determines the controls, procedures and conditions for granting the permit and its duration. Human rights organisations have criticised the law, which they say will further tighten media censorship, and would also severely undermine freedom of expression.