Egypt Watch

Foreign investors make 4.3 billion EGP exits from government bonds market

During the past week, foreign investors made significant exits from the government bond market, and their sales reached 4.3 billion pounds within two days. Mahmoud Nagla, Executive Director of Money Markets at Al-Ahly Financial Investment Management Company, said that interest rates on bonds within the secondary market reached between 14.15 and 14.50%. The Central Bank, on behalf of the Ministry of Finance, offered treasury bonds for 3 years at a value of 4 billion pounds, receiving offers to subscribe for it, at a value of 9.2 billion pounds, and 3.189 billion pounds were accepted, a decrease of 811 million pounds from the offered value.

The Ministry of Finance borrowed through the central bank 7-year treasury bonds at a value of 3.5 billion pounds, the bank received offers to subscribe for by 4 billion pounds, and 791.7 million pounds were accepted, with a decrease of 2.7 billion pounds from the offered value. The value of external debt at the end of the last fiscal year amounted to $ 108.7 billion, including $ 13 billion for foreign creditors, in the form of interest and installments on the debt owed.