Egypt Watch

Assigning the Tourism Services in Salah El-Din Citadel to a sovereign authority

The Supreme Council of Antiquities agreed to contract with a sovereign authority to manage the tourism services in the citadel, similar to the experience that had been carried out in the pyramids area. Iman Zidan, deputy minister of tourism and antiquities, said that the contract aims to exploit the castle area and raise the efficiency of the services provided to visitors, establish cafeterias and restaurants and invest in unexploited areas, pointing to the sharing of returns between the ministry and the sovereign body that will take over the management of the service. It is noteworthy that last September, El-Sisi issued a decision to allocate 47 islands from the Egyptian state bordering the Red Sea to the army.

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities was in charge of managing these islands and organizing diving and safari activities in them, and its revenues were allocated for the benefit of the public treasury. Since 2013, the armed forces and sovereign agencies have expanded through the companies owned in controlling the Egyptian economy and government facilities and services, until they have completely controlled the media, press, road, transportation and pharmaceutical sectors.