In Egypt: 39 violations against journalists and media workers in February


The Arab Media Freedom Monitor issued its monthly report on violations of the Egyptian authorities in the right to freedom of the media and the press during February 2020, and monitored 39 varied violations against them, cemented the dominance of the security and military services over press and media. The Violations have varied, such as violations of courts and prosecutions and against imprisoned journalists, arbitrary administrative decisions, pretrial detention, raids of media headquarters and legislative restrictions. By of the end of February, the list of imprisoned journalists and media workers included 74 journalists and media workers. In February, one of the media companies affiliated with the intelligence took over the management of the state’s official television, to complete the dominance of the intelligence and sovereign services over the media institutions after its acquisition of most of the private channels, newspapers and websites. The report monitored the involvement of the Ministry of Communications and the General Intelligence Service in spying on political activists and journalists, where a group of cyber security companies found a series of cyber-attacks through some malicious applications and programs to track some journalists and activists, and the headquarters of these attacks were the General Intelligence Building.

According to the Reporters without Borders press freedom index, Egypt has fallen to 163 rd rank globally out of 180 countries. Additionally, according to Committee to Protect Journalists statistics, Egypt is ranked the third worst country in the world in terms of imprisoning journalist.