70 cleaning workers arrested in Nasr City after protest


The Nasr City Prosecution issued a decision to release the cleaning workers of the sixth district in Nasr City after investigating them in the charge of gathering in front of district presidency building. The security services had arrested 70 workers, last Tuesday, after they organized a protest in front of the district presidency building, to demand the payment of their overdue salaries for a period of more than 3 months. The workers protested against the contractor responsible for their employment, who received a tender to dispose of the rubbish of the sixth district about a year ago, but in the last three months he did not pay the workers’ salaries assuming, that the Cleaning and Beauty authority did not spend the sums owed to him for that period The workers filed a complaint with the Cleaning and Beauty authority, which told them that the contractor had received all of his financial dues, which prompted them to file a complaint with the Administrative Control Authority, but it was rejected because the workers are not affiliated to governmental agency. Workers filed a complaint with the Nasr City Police Department against the contractor, but also with no avail.

One of the protesting workers said that he has been working in the cleaning of sixth district for four years without official contracts, insurance or pensions, adding that they have demonstrated after all ways to get their salaries were blocked. According to a report issued by the Central authority of Statistics in 2018, the number of workers in seasonal or temporary works reached 5.237 million and these workers suffer from not paying their salaries regularly and the absence of health and social insurance on their lives.