Egypt Watch

Outrage among doctors due to lack of medical supplies

The Ministry of Health announced that it has sent one million surgical masks and preventive tools as a grant to Italy to help deal with the outbreak of coronavirus. This news sparked outrage among Egypt’s doctors due to the severe shortage of preventive medical supplies in all hospitals in Egypt which exposes doctors and nurses to the risk of being infected with coronavirus. Many doctors said on social media that hospitals do not provide the simplest supplies and preventive tools such as alcohol disinfectants, masks, and protective gloves, and therefore they have to buy them at their expense, and then the ministry sends aid abroad.

The Egyptian Medical Syndicate issued a statement on Sunday requesting those responsible for managing the coronavirus in the government provide preventive supplies in hospitals after complaints about shortages in several places and the need to prevent doctors from working without protection. The statement also demanded that doctors with chronic diseases that affect their immunity should stop working, in addition to reducing the number of visitors in hospitals as well as reducing non-urgent medical interventions.