Egypt Watch

Egypt offers treasury bonds and bills at a total value of EGP 22 bn

The Ministry of Finance has launched treasury bonds and bills at a total value of EGP 22 billion ($1.4 billion). The ministry, through its website, launched 91-day treasury bills, at a value of EGP 8.5 billion ($540 million), with an average return of 12.31 per cent.

Treasury bills were issued for 273 days, at a value of EGP 10.5 billion ($667.4 million), at an average return of 12.37 per cent, and 10-year treasury bonds, at a value of EGP 3 billion pounds ($191 million), at an average interest rate of 13.41 per cent. According to the semi-annual report issued by the Ministry of Finance, bonds worth EGP 422.6 ($26.9 billion) billion were issued in the first half of the current fiscal year, while treasury bills worth EGP 90.4 billion ($5.7 billion) were issued in the same period.

According to the Central Bank, foreign investments in domestic treasury bills and bonds amounted to $15.2 billion at the end of last September. The burdens of external debt service increased to about EGP 13.4 billion ($851.7 million) during the fiscal year 2018/2019, and the total external debt at of the end of September was $109.363 billion, while internal debt reached about EGP 4.204 trillion (267.2 billion).