Egypt Watch

Hope Alliance detainees added to ‘terror list’

The Egyptian Criminal Court has ruled to include Ziad Al-Alimi and 12 other Alliance of Hope detainees onto the “terror list” for a period of five years. In addition to Al-Alimi, the list includes Omar Al-Shenti, the CEO of Multiples Financial Group, human rights activist Muhammad Abu Hurairah, Islamic preacher Khaled Abu Shadi, and activist Ramy Shaath. The court justified its decision that these activists were involved in a Brotherhood plot against the state in order to harm national interest and economic security and carry out hostile operations against officers and members of the army and the police.

Many human rights organisations have condemned this decision, and the Arab Network for Human Rights said it represents a new episode in the series of political abuse against opponents of Sisi’s rule, and violations against the rule of law.

Al-Alimi and other activists on the case were arrested last year and accused of planning to establish a political alliance running in the upcoming parliament elections in order to topple the Egyptian state and harm national security.

The recent ruling made by the Criminal Court is shocking and frustrating because it came at a time when human rights organisations are calling on the government to release prisoners of conscience and politicians in light of the corona pandemic.