Mental health hospital calls for axing Ramez Galal’s prank show


The Mental Health Hospital in Abbasiya issued a statement requesting the public prosecutor axe Ramez Galal’s latest prank show, “Ramez is Officially Crazy”, demanding the programme be suspended because of its danger to citizens’ mental health. Doctors warned the show’s scenes of violence, torture and bullying could be a mental health trigger for viewers already suffering from anxiety, fear and tension due to the global coronavirus outbreak. Ramez Galal faced criticism on social media after his prank show aired on the first day of Ramadan.

Since 2011, Galal has been presenting shows with hidden cameras during Ramadan in which he pranks famous entertainment, sports and media stars. Each year, viewers criticise Galal for his extreme, humiliating pranks.

A Facebook user wrote: “This show should really be stopped. I only watched the first two minutes and I couldn’t watch anymore! This isn’t funny at all.” The show is being broadcast on MBC TV, and the Shahid Video On Demand platform. The MBC Group issued a statement last Monday assuring that all guests on Galal’s latest prank show gave their approval before the episodes were aired.