MP raids a hospital and assaults its doctors


Sherbeen General Hospital issued a statement saying that the parliamentarian, Elhami Ageena, raid the hospital some of his companions, and filmed a video clip assaulting the medical staff and accusing the hospital administration of false accusations. A video clip that was shared on social media, showing Ageena enters the hospital to visit one of his sick relatives, but Ageena claimed that there was no director, even though the first person he met in the video was the alternate director for the evening ward. Through the video, he claimed that there were no doctors, and whoever watched the video, can see many doctors such as the orthopedic, general surgery and pediatrics residents. Also, it was claimed that there was no nursing, despite many of the nursing staff appeared in the video in their places in the emergency room, the internal and orthopedic departments.

The Medical Syndicate expressed its anger, and said that the dough insulted the medical staff of the Sherbeen General Hospital and dealt with them in a unprofessional manner, and insisted on violating the privacy of the patients and asking to photograph their medical files, and this is a violation of the constitution and the law.