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Egypt’s Medical Syndicate criticises official coronavirus test protocol

The Egyptian Medical Syndicate called on both the President and the Minister of Health to change instructions issued by the infection control administration of the Ministry of Health regarding dealing with health care workers who come into contact with confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The General Administration of Infection Control has issued new instructions, stating that in the event of positive cases among medical staff, smears are not to be taken from their contacts and they are not authorised to be isolated, either at home or in the workplace, provided that they self-assess their condition. The instructions also included the formation of a committee in each hospital made up of the hospital director and a chest disease consultant to give written approval to conduct a PCR swab when a health care provider is suspected to be infected.

The syndicate described the new instructions as very dangerous, because it means that a member of the medical team carrying the infection will be allowed to work and come into contact with his colleagues, which will increase the spread of infection among the medical staff, which threatens a real medical disaster.

The number of injuries among doctors in Egypt reached 178, of whom 10 have died.