Egypt Watch

137 doctors have died in Egypt from COVID-19

Member of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate’s Council Ibrahim el-Zayat has announced that the death toll of doctors due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) has increased to 137. This came after the death of the doctor Rezk Ahmed Abdullah, a gynecologist and obstetrician and director of the Butrah Hospital in Dakahlia Governorate (North).

Dr. Osama al-Shahat, the head of the Dakahlia Doctors’ Syndicate, said that Dr. Rizk Ahmed Abdullah died inside quarantine at Mansoura University, as a result of being infected with coronavirus. He added that he is the 13th martyr among doctors from Dakahlia, whether they are inside or outside Egypt. On Thursday the Doctors’ Syndicate mourned four doctors who passed away because of corona.

Egyptian doctors usually complain about the lack of prevention means from coronavirus, which increased the death rates among them, but the Egyptian regime responded by arresting at least seven doctors who criticised its policies in dealing with coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health and Population stated that the total number registered in Egypt with coronavirus as of Friday is 87,172 cases, including 27,868 cases that have been cured, and 4,251 deaths.