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Bright Star military maneuvers in Egypt postponed due to coronavirus

On Friday, the US Central Command announced the postponement of the Bright Star military maneuvers, which were supposed to be hosted by the Egyptian armed forces next September, due to the coronavirus. The leadership said in a statement that the Bright Star maneuvers, in which military forces from a number of countries participate, will take place in September 2021: “We look forward to continuing this training relationship and resuming the opportunity for training alongside our important Egyptian partners and other countries.” The Egyptian armed forces did not issue any statement on the delay.

The Bright Star maneuvers are among the largest multinational exercises in the world, held in Egypt periodically. The exercises began for the first time in October 1980 after the signing of the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel in 1979. They were resumed in 1981 and then took place every two years in the Autumn.