Al-Sisi approves the Law on the Military Adviser in every governorate


The Egyptian general, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, has approved the law of the Military Adviser in the governorates of the Republic. The law requires the appointment of a military adviser in each governorate, and a sufficient number of assistants, to contribute to periodic field follow-up of services and projects provided to citizens.

The authority to appoint military advisers and their assistants belongs to the Minister of Defense, in accordance with Law 165 of 2020 amending some provisions of Law No. 55 of 1968 regarding public defense organizations, and Law No. 46 of 1973 on military education at the high school. The powers of the military advisor include participating in the meetings of both the People’s Defense Council and the governorate’s executive council, holding meetings with the governorate’s leaders, submitting reports to the Ministry of Defense or any of the concerned authorities, and delegating any of his assistants in the terms of reference assigned to him. The powers also include contributing to the field follow-up of services provided to citizens, fulfilling the obligations to safeguard the constitution, preserving the basic foundations of the state, and coordinating with educational authorities at the governorate level; To implement the curriculum of military education. Last month, the Egyptian parliament approved the amendment of a draft law submitted by the Egyptian government that each governorate has a military adviser.

Experts and specialists considered that law as a new step in consolidating the military’s interventions in public life in Egypt, which is known as the “militarization of the state.” Observers believe that the interference of the military in public life in Egypt contributes to the army controlling the political and civil joints of the state, which increased rapidly after 2013.