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Sultan’s defense puts Al-Beblawi’s immunity at risk

The defense team of the Egyptian activist Mohamed Sultan kept the torture case filed in the United States against the former Egyptian Prime Minister and member of the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund residing in Washington, “Hazem Al-Beblawy,” alive.

The attorneys for Sultan, who holds American citizenship, explained that the International Monetary Fund is the one that decides on this immunity, calling on the judge of the American district, Colin Kollar Kotley, not to dismiss the case immediately.

The lawyers added to Washington Post that Al-Beblawi’s immunity requires a “tripartite agreement” that includes the International Monetary Fund.

Last month, the US State Department announced that Al-Beblawy, who is currently working on the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund, had been immunized from prosecution in the case of “Sultan,” in which he held him responsible for his torture in Egyptian prisons. Sultan’s position enjoys the support of many members of Congress, especially Democratic Senator Patrick J. Leahy. Leahy said, “The Vienna Convention on diplomatic immunity serves an important function and must be respected, but neither our government nor the International Monetary Fund should do anything that would prevent justice in this case that is not required by the treaty.” He added, “We have a strong interest in prosecuting people who commit such terrible crimes against American citizens.”