Egypt Watch

16% of coronavirus deaths in Egypt are doctors

The former undersecretary of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate, Dr. Mona Mina, confirmed that doctors who have died from coronavirus amount to more than 16 per cent of total deaths from the virus in Egypt. These numbers mean that more than 750 doctors have died of the virus, compared to the number of deaths in total in the country, which exceed 5,000. Mona revealed on Facebook that this percentage is very high compared to global rates, calling for the need to “pay attention to infection control standards and precautionary measures in hospitals, and to check the method of counting the infected and victims of coronavirus in Egypt.”

Coronavirus deaths in Egypt have increased again in recent days. The total infection number that was officially registered in Egypt until Sunday reached 97,340 cases, including 65,927 recoveries, and 5,262 deaths.