Egypt Watch

Former PM Ahmed Shafik on trial again for corruption

An Egyptian court has set a session on September 5 for the retrial of former Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik and other defendants in the case known in the media as “corruption of the Ministry of Civil Aviation.”

Shafik faces charges of wasting public money, facilitating its seizure, and deliberately damaging the Holding Company’s funds for Airports and Air Navigation and the Holding Company for EgyptAir. Shafik signed a cooperation protocol with the Secretary of the Heliopolis Service Development Association, Zakaria Azmy. Under this protocol, EgyptAir contributed sums of money as the value of recreational games to the Suzanne Mubarak Park. Shafik is being tried again, after the Cairo Criminal Court ruled, earlier, of his innocence in absentia, as well as the head of the Egyptian Aviation Holding Company, Captain Pilot Tawfiq Muhammad Asi, and the former Minister of Civil Aviation, Ibrahim Manna.

The court decided to accept the public prosecution’s appeal to return the case to the Court of Appeal.