The end of free education: Public school fees double after COVID-19


The Egyptian authorities announced a new increase in school fees for the new academic year, which sparked angry reactions from citizens suffering from difficult living conditions. The Egyptian Ministry of Education has set school fees for the new academic year for public school students at EGP 300 ($19) from kindergarten to third primary school, from EGP 145 pounds ($9). It also determined the amount of EGP 200 ($13), and from the fourth grade to the third middle school. It was EGP 150 ($10) in the past year. It was decided to increase the fees to EGP 500 ($32) for high school students after they were previously EGP 190 ($12). The fees for technical secondary education classes of all kinds and systems was set at EGP 200 ($13), compared to EGP 170 ($11).

The Ministry of Education previously announced the fees for private schools at about seven per cent of basic expenses. The decision sparked angry reactions on social media at the decision to abolish free education stipulated in the constitution.