Egypt denies the intention to close due to the second wave of Corona completely


Egypt has denied resorting to total closure in the event of an expected second wave of the Coronavirus. And the Minister of Health, Hala Zayed, identified the features of her ministry’s plan to confront the second wave by preparing 600 hospitals nationwide and partially closing places or areas where the number of injuries will increase exaggeratedly.

A high-ranking medical source expected that with the start of the school season and the winter season’s entry, an increase in infections with infectious diseases, including Corona, will follow. But what is reassuring, according to him, is the loss of the Coronavirus of much of its power, stressing that Corona is on its way to turning into regular flu. He added: “It is expected that hundreds of injuries will be recorded daily, similar to what happened in May and June.” For his part, the director of a fever hospital expected that the casualty rates would record an “uncomfortable increase,” with the start of the school year and the regular attendance of all students to school and entering the winter season.

Hala Zayed urged parents to pay attention to students’ hygiene and wear masks and vaccinations on time, noting that school personnel has been trained to deal with students during the Corona crisis.