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The revolving door: Academic Hazem Hosni detained on new case after brief release

The Egyptian prosecutor decided to imprison the opposition academic Hazem Hosni, spokesman for the campaign of Lieutenant General Sami Anan, the former chief of staff of the Egyptian army, for 15 days pending investigations into a new case.

According to lawyer Khaled Ali, the prosecutor charged Hosni with charges related to participation in a terrorist group. Through his Facebook account, Ali wrote that the decision was issued after he obtained a Criminal Court decision to replace preventive detention with precautionary measures in Case 488 of 2019, in which Hosni is accused. He pointed out that he was surprised by the new case bearing No. 855 of the 2020 State Security Survey, the same case in which Mahienour al-Masry, Solafa Majdi, Amr Imam, Muhammad al-Baqer, and Israa Abdel Fattah are accused.

Earlier, the Supreme State Security Prosecution, headed by Counselor Khaled Ziauddin, ordered the release of 15 members of political parties and the accused pending political cases. The list of names included: Hassan Nafaa, Abdulaziz al-Husseini, Shadi al-Ghazali Harb, Karim Abbas, Hazem Abdel-Azim, Abeer al-Safti, Jamal Fadel, Ahmed al-Rassam, Hilal Samir, Ramadan Rajab, Amir Issa, Khaled Suwaida, Wael Abdel Hafez, Ahmed al-Sakka and Amr Calculus.