Egypt Watch

A surge in Corona infection rates, suspending medical staff vacations

Egypt witnessed a new surge in the number of new infections with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) before the authorities announced the suspension of vacations for medical staff in all hospitals and their units. The Egyptian Ministry of Health said that 718 new cases were recorded (compared to 664 Sunday and 611 Saturday), which brings the number of infections to 126,273 cases. At a time, the ministry said that 32 deaths were recorded (compared to 29 Sunday and 28 Saturday), which brings the number of deaths to 7,130 cases. The number of people recovering from the coronavirus has reached about 107,162 cases.

Concurrently, the Ministry of Health decided to stop all types of leave for medical staff in all hospitals and health units affiliated with it. And she stressed not to grant or renew licenses to doctors, nursing staff, technicians, administrators, and all workers in the health sector, as part of the ministry’s plan to confront the second wave of the outbreak.

The Ministry also decided to stop non-compulsory leave, including traveling abroad, improving income, or accompanying the husband. A few days ago, a member of the Supreme Committee for Viruses at the Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt, Jeda Anwar, said that it is noticeable that the spread is faster in the second wave, but the symptoms are less severe. She expected that Egypt reaches the second wave’s climax during television statements at the end of next January.