Egypt Watch

A campaign to release the elderly and the sick in Egypt’s prisons

The “batel” (invalid) campaign, which opposes the regime of Egyptian General “Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi,” called for the release of the elderly and patients languishing in Egyptian prisons. The statement warned of the spread of the second wave of the Coronavirus among the prison population, referring to the absence of health care and the continuing inhumane conditions of detention.

Under the heading “Releasing every patient .. Release of the elderly,” the campaign said: “For seven years, there have been thousands of forgotten people that no one talks about in Al-Sisi’s prisons as if it has become normal for them to remain in prisons until death.”

The campaign asked: “What does the regime benefit from imprisoning a woman over 60 years old for political rivalry with her or with a member of her family? What does an old over the age of seventy or eighty pose a threat to Al-Sisi’s regime?” The statement, published on Facebook, urged human rights organizations to highlight the conditions of elderly and sick detainees and address all international platforms for their release, regardless of their political affiliation.

Local and international human rights organizations estimate the number of political opponents in Egypt to be tens of thousands, hundreds of whom died due to medical negligence.