Egypt Watch

Egypt issues a severe warning to its citizens of Corona’s second wave

The Egyptian Ministry of Health issued a new warning to the Egyptians regarding the rate of spread of the Coronavirus in the country. The scientific committee to combat the virus at the ministry said that the second wave of Corona is spreading faster and that it affects the entire family. She added that high-risk cases are mostly confined to the elderly, over the age of 55, and those with chronic diseases or smokers, noting that 85% of home isolation cases in the second wave recover quickly. The committee stated that most of the cases infected with the virus at the current time are from simple to moderate.

The Minister of Health, Hala Zayed, had acknowledged the lack of credibility of the official data announced about the numbers of Coronavirus infections, saying that “the officially announced numbers do not reflect the truth on the ground.”

The total number that was registered in Egypt with the emerging “Corona” virus since the start of the pandemic, until Yesterday, rose to 136,644 cases, including 111,451 recoveries and 7,576 deaths.