The the number of deaths in Egypt 2020 reveals the governmental manipulation of COVID19 statistics

Official statistics announced by the Central Bureau of Statistics revealed that the number of deaths increased dramatically during 2020. The increase reached about 60,000 deaths in three months compared to 2019.

According to the government apparatus, 56.4 thousand people died in May, compared to 44.9 thousand the previous year, an increase of 11.5 thousand deaths. Last June, 79.1 thousand died compared to 45.5 thousand, an increase of 33.6 thousand deaths, and in July, 61.1 thousand deaths were recorded compared to 47.4 thousand, an increase of 13.7 thousand deaths.

Observers cited the Corona epidemic’s spread as the only rationale for the extraordinary increase in the number of deaths during the aforementioned months, surpassing the average deaths in the same months during the past years. Social media users’ comments on the death figures were unanimous, as they reveal the extent of the seriousness of the Corona pandemic in Egypt, accusing their government of concealing the true numbers of injuries and deaths.

For his part, a source in the Central Bureau of Statistics stated that the agency’s monthly reports do not mention the increase in deaths’ reasons because it is only a monitoring body. The source confirmed in press statements that the increase in the number of deaths was undoubtedly due to people who died from the Coronavirus, in a large percentage. In the same context, activists and officials explained that the increase in the number of deaths might be due to the death of people with chronic diseases and the elderly, who refused hospital treatment for fear of contracting Corona infection.

On the other hand, some activists on social media revealed that Egypt’s death rate increased during the year 2020 by about 110,000 people. They explained that the death rate was increasing by about 10 thousand annually during the past few years, stressing that the difference of about 100 thousand is related to the Coronavirus.

Figures don’t reflect the truth

Over the past months, doctors and citizens accused the government of hiding the true numbers of those infected and deceased with the Coronavirus in light of the government’s refusal to conduct medical swabs for those suffering from symptoms of the disease. While Dr. Muhammad Al-Nadi, a member of the Scientific Committee to confront Corona at the Ministry of Health, confirmed that the total number of injuries is 10 times greater than the official number announced. Others considered that the government’s problem is the lack of transparency for fear of weakening the economic situation because any closure is too expensive for developed countries, let alone developing countries like Egypt.

In the first official admission of the lack of credibility of the official announced data on the numbers of Coronavirus infections in Egypt, Health Minister Hala Zayed recently acknowledged that the officially announced numbers do not reflect the truth on the ground. The minister of health’s confession coincided with a similar admission by Awad Taj al-Din, the health advisor to the Presidency of the Republic, who explained that Egypt had entered the peak stage of the second wave of the Coronavirus. The Ministry of Health issued a new warning to Egyptian citizens regarding the rate of spread of the Coronavirus in the country, in conjunction with the Cabinet’s announcement of punitive measures for non-compliance with the instructions.

The scientific committee to combat the virus at the ministry said that the second wave of Corona is spreading faster and that the virus affects the entire family. It added that high-risk cases are mostly confined to the elderly, over the age of 55, and those with chronic diseases or smokers, noting that 85% of home isolation cases in the second wave recover quickly. For its part, an academic at the Kasr Al-Aini College of Medicine, in central Cairo, said that the number of Coronavirus infections is about 20 times the numbers officially announced by the Ministry of Health. And professor of chest diseases, Maisa Sharaf al-Din, added in televised statements that they had noticed new infection symptoms with the virus, such as diarrhea, stomach pain, and a rash.