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Italy: “We will raise Regeni’s case in all appropriate forums”

Italy said that it intends to continue to raise the matter of the tragic murder of Julio Regeni, the Italian postgraduate student who was tortured to death in Egypt in 2016, in all appropriate forums, including the European Union. The Italian statement came in response to a statement released by the Egyptian public prosecution, which denied the indictment of 5 Egyptian policemen with torturing Regeni to death. “The Foreign Ministry regards as unacceptable the recent statement of the Egyptian Public Prosecution regarding the tragic murder of Julio Regeni,” said the Italian Foreign Ministry in an official statement.

The Egyptian Public Prosecution had released, on Wednesday, a statement that it investigated all what was raised by the Italian Prosecution about the indictment of 4 Egyptian officers and another cop from the National Security. “The Public Prosecution concluded that all what was posed by the Italian investigation authorities is false deductions cannot be accepted logically or legally,” said the statement of the Egyptian Public Prosecution.

On December 10, the Italian Prosecution directed charges of kidnapping and killing Regeni against 5 Egyptian security officials. Accordingly, the defendants were having a 20-day period in accordance with Italian law, to submit a defense memorandum or request a specific investigation. However, the Egyptian Prosecution decided to make that statement instead.