Six icons of the January Revolution are celebrating its tenth anniversary in prison

Logically, the figures and leaders of a revolution should get important positions and roles in the regime that claims to represent the revolution and its goals. This is not the case in Egypt. Under the authoritarian regime of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, youth icons of the January Revolution are suffering in prison, while General Sisi states, “the January Revolution was led by youth loyal to home.”

The following is short accounts of eight figures of the 25January Revolution, who are now suffering in al-Sisi’s prisons.

1. Alaa Abdelfattah

Alaa is a blogger, programmer and human rights defender. He is considered as one of the most prominent faces that stood out in the revolution. He was detained during Mubarak’s time, and again in 2013 after the 3July military coup led by Abdel Fattah al-Sisi that toppled Professor Mohamed Morsi. He was sentenced to five years imprisonment for demonstrating without authorisation. Although he got parole later after serving his sentence, he was detained again immediately while he was in the police station, where he was ordered to stay for 12 hours daily. When Abdelfattah arrived at Tora Prison, he was hit with sticks by the officers, and he is still imprisoned there and denied visits or any kind of communication with his family.

2. Hossam Aboul Boukhary

Hossam Aboul Boukhary was known as a prominent Islamist intellectual, who represents an Islamist current loyal to the principles of the January Revolution. He stood out in Tahrir Square as an orator and led protests against attempts to restore the authority of police through the National Security Apparatus. In the bloody breaking up of the Rabaa sit-in, Aboul Boukhary was injured by the bullets of the governmental forces and was arrested. In 2017, a military court sentenced Aboul Boukhary to 10 years in prison for protesting before the National Security’s headquarters.

3. Esraa Abdel Fattah

Esraa is a journalist, who was the most prominent female figure of the revolution. Esraa was arrested frequently before the revolution. Although she was one of the prominent opponents against the rule of Professor Mohamed Morsi, she disappeared after the coup that toppled him. However, she was arrested again in 2019 and was subjected to torture and defamation.

4. Ahmed Douma

Douma is a journalist, who was the spokesman of the Revolution’s Youth Coalition. In 2015, he was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for damaging governmental buildings including the prime minister’s office. Moreover, he was fined EGP 6 million. This year, he concludes his eighth year in prison, six years of which have been in solitary confinement.

5. Ahmed Maher

Maher works as engineer. In 2008, he founded the 6April Youth Movement. Although he initially attempted to negotiate the 2013 political steps with the military, he was sentenced to three years imprisonment for protesting the demonstration law. Although he got parole in 2017, he was arrested again in 2019 while he was in the police station for surveillance. Since then, Maher was detained in pretrial detention without clear causes.

6. Mohamed Adel

Adel is one of the founders of the 6April Youth Movement. In 2013, he was arrested and sentenced to three years imprisonment for protesting the demonstration law. In 2017 he got parole but was arrested again in 2018.