The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt announced, on Monday, that it would continue the struggle with the Egyptian people against the authoritarian regime of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. The group added in a press statement on the tenth anniversary of the 25 January Revolution that it will adhere to five principles:

  1. The adherence to the Islamic and national principles and the struggle with the Egyptian people to retrieve their rights.
  2. Egypt is for all its citizens, not confined to a certain party.
  3. The Egyptian people should be the decision makers through free and fair elections.
  4. The rights of martyrs and victims will not be abolished by time.
  5. The refusal to accept the military regime in Egypt.

“We renew our commitment with the Egyptian people to go on fighting injustice and tyranny,” the statement concluded. In a similar vein, the National Alliance for Supporting the Legitimacy held a press conference titled “10 years on the January Revolution will not die.” In the conference, Medhat Haddad, member of the senate of MB, called on the opposing political forces in Egypt to unite in order to restore the civil state and topple the military regime.