Egypt declines by 23 points on Bloomberg Index of confronting COVID-19 pandemic


Egypt has declined 23 points on the Bloomberg Index, which measures the ability of world countries to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, in the second biggest drop after the regression of Ireland.

The index is multifactorial as it measures the increase of the infection rate, the death rate and the number of tests along with the ability of the health system to confront the crisis and the impact of lockdown on the economy. Recently, the index has added the vaccination as a factor. The mass vaccination pushed the Emirates and Israel up in the ranking, while the report said that Egypt’s expected growth rate in 2021 is not great, compared to that of 2020.

Egypt has started the vaccination but confined it to medical teams and the most vulnerable people, while it was announced that people would pay for the vaccination. However, it is not known until now when the vaccinations will be available for the population.