Egypt Watch

ANHRI: The Egyptian government ignores the provisions of the constitution

The Arab Network for Human Rights Information said that the Egyptian state does not adhere to the provisions of the Egyptian constitution despite it had appointed the committee, who prepared the constitution. “Government itself broke several articles of the constitution and practically suspended its implementation,” said ANHRI in a report titled, “Out of Service: On the suspended constitutional articles in Egypt”.

The report said that a previous statement of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi could present an explanation of such suspension, as he said in 2015 that “the current constitution is too ambitious and magnificent, but it could require more time to be implemented.” The report defined 9 articles of the constitution, which were broken by the government. The first one is article no. 18, which provides that the state has to allocate 3% of the governmental total expenditure onto the health sector, and this percentage itself should be raised gradually to the world standard, which is about 7%. However, the health expenditure in the governmental budget has taken between 1.2% and 2% over the past few years. Another article is article no. 54 regarding the measures that guarantee respecting the personal freedom and rights in case of arresting the person and investigating him. This article is violated daily through enforced disappearance and detaining people for their political attitudes. The third is article no. 62 regarding the freedom of movement, which is violated by the decisions of banning travel of opponent figures.

The fourth is the absence of a law that guarantees the freedom of information. The fifth is that the financial disclosure of the president, which must be published yearly in the official gazette, has never been published till now. The sixth is the arrest of lawyers, which violates the right to counsel and the constitutional immunity of the lawyers. The seventh is that the National Council for Human Rights has ended its legal term without re-formation. The eighth is the suspension of article no. 241 regarding the transitional justice. Lastly, the report addressed the municipal elections, which has not been hold till now.