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Detained doctor dies in Egypt prison of COVID-19 infection

Professor Ezzat Kamel, the chairman of the orthopedics department in Ain Shams University, died, on Tuesday, at 70-years-old, in Tora Prison, where he had been detained. The Egyptian Medical Syndicate mourned Kamel, and his lawyer Nabih al-Gendy said that his family knew about the deterioration of his health two weeks ago.

Al-Gendy said that Kamel’s family knew unofficially that he was suffering difficulty breathing, so he applied to the Supreme State Security Prosecution to transfer him to hospital, but the demand was not fulfilled.

Al-Gendy added that the cause of death could not be known because no medical report was issued, and the late detainee was denied of visits and any communication with his family and lawyers. He was suffering diabetes and hypertension.

Kamel was arrested on 18 December 2020 from his house and had been kept disappeared for nine days before he resurfaced before the Supreme State Security Prosecution, which ordered him into custody for 15 days over charges of leading an illegal group, which the prosecution and the National Security did not define.