Dr.Hassan Nafaa
Egypt Watch

Egyptian Professor Hassan Nafaa rules out imminent political breakthrough in Egypt

Hassan Nafaa, professor of politics in Cairo University, ruled out, in an interview with Al Jazeera Mubasher TV, a political breakthrough in Egypt soon. Nafaa pointed out that this does not mean that change is impossible. “I believe that change is necessary, but no one knows when and how it will happen,” said Nafaa. Nafaa said that the regime should take the first step in such a breakthrough through resettlement with the opposition, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood. Nafaa also demanded the regime release political detainees, “You must either present them to just trials or release them.”

Nafaa, who was detained for months after the September 2019 protests, affirmed that he does not want the experience of detention to be repeated, but at the same time he refused the idea of departing Egypt to express his opinions in freedom. “When I disagree with Egypt’s ruling regime, I do with respect as a political researcher not as a demagogue.”

Nafaa expressed his appreciation of the infrastructure development projects which al-Sisi’s government implements. However, he explained there are other projects that have priority to projects such as the New Administrative Capital.