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Sudan: Ethiopia has bad intentions and undeclared targets in GERD crisis

The head of Sudanese negotiators regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Moustafa Hussein Zoubeir, charged Ethiopia with having bad intentions and undeclared targets in its conflict with Sudan and Egypt.

Zoubeir added, in statements to a Sudanese radio station, that Sudan is capable of getting its rights by law and excluded the military option. Zoubeir pointed out that Sudan has many points of strength that it could use, and the negotiations between the three countries will succeed if Ethiopia has a positive political attitude.

Zoubeir stressed on the role of the quartet mediation in promoting negotiations, as Sudan called on the UN, the high representative of EU for foreign affairs and security policies and the US secretary of state along with the President of Democratic Congo to intervene and mediate GERD negotiations.

Egypt supported the Sudanese suggestion, while Ethiopia declared, on 9 March, that it rejected it. Last Friday, after Sudanese PM Abdalla Hamdok’s visit to Cairo, Egypt and Sudan declared their adherence to the suggestion and that they were taking steps to implement it.